We ship worldwide, if you are outside the United States or CANADA send us a email for a shipping quote.

Want a Humvee?

VAT is a workshop specialized in military vehicles restoration.

VAT have STREET LEGAL Military Humvees available for sales!

You have the choice of color and MANY options!

- Color: Canadian or USA Military CARC (tan, green, black or camo)

- Configuration: 2 or 4 doors, soft top or hard top, slantback or wagon

- Engine: 6.5 Diesel or option 6.5 Turbo Diesel or Duramax

- Transmission: TH400 or options 700R4 overdrive or 4L80 or Allison 6 speeds 

- Armor: We offer a armor package level 1 to 5, armor window, armor doors and full body armor! Turret and all gun mount available! Please contact us for more infos (some licenses can be apply for police, security agency or other...).

For a Humvee price please send us an email or Facebook message with all the specs you want and we'll send you a quote very fast! All OEM parts are available very fast and we can do all services on your H1 or Humvee!